Emric Navarre

Emric is the sole creator of all the digital files that are produced by Digimems, as well as all the example projects you can find on the site. He created those during his free time.

Emric is currently a student at American University, studying Mathematics and Physics. He is also working towards a commission to become an officer in the United States Air Force.

In addition to that, Emric directs and leads humanitarian operations in India with an NGO he helped build during his summers.

After earning some success among his friends with his digital manipulations of images, pictures, videos and music, Emric now has begun to offer his talents to anyone who is interested.

Emric currently resides in Washington, DC, with his girlfriend.

Digimems and You

Contrary to other agencies that offer you a certain range of limited products, we ask you what you want, and then we see if we can do it or not.

There are practically no limitations to what can be created for you, because no project created has ever followed the same template of a previous project. Some ideas may have been recycled, but every project is original. Your order will be unique.